Structural glass fabric

Structural glass fabrics are manufactured at the plant of the Manufacturing and Engineering Complex NT-Velikiy Novgorod that is a part of New Technologies LLC group. The glass fabric is produced from threads of aluminium borosilicate glass of E grade with the temperature resistance of up to  600°С. Threads with the diameter of 6, 9, 11 or 13 micrometres are used for the glass fabrics, and various forms of weave are possible: satin 8/3, plain, satin, twill, with tucked-in or false selvage with fringe. The glass fabric is produced in accordance with state standard GOST 19170-2001.
Structural glass fabrics are used in manufacturing of composite items, i.e. helicopter blades, hulls of different motor boats, yachts, ships and parts of aircraft.
All products are 100% manufactured in Russia.
Types of fabric Т-10-14,Т-10П, Т-11, Т-11-ГВС-9, Т-13, Т-11 according to GOST 19170-2001 and TG-200, TG-430, TG-600, where T means structural fabric and TG means glass fabric (technical glass fabric from E grade glass); where 200 is ф surface weight, g/m2; inverted-U is a type of selvage (false selvage with fringe or tucked-in selvage).
Types of oil agents used in fabric production: aminosilane, wax emulsion, vynil silane, silane 302Р, 305Р, 333Р.
Operating temperature: - 200°С to + 600°С.
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