Manufacturing and Engineering Complex NT-Velikiy Novgorod, a part of New Technologies LLC group, is complete with modern German equipment.

The facility produces over 10,000,000 meters of fabric. (22 years in the market of Russia and other countries, 10 million meters of sold products, 89 professionals on the staff)

Technological process of finished production:

1.There are two technologies used upon production of elementary fibres: one-stage and two-stage. Glass melt from a glass melting furnace is distributed between glass feeders and then fibres are drawn.
2.Due to these technologies we can produce 2 types of fibres: continuous fibre (glass filament yarn with the length over 20,000 meters and diameter of 3 to 50 µm) and staple fibre (with the length of 1 to 50 cm and diameter of 0.1 to 20 µm)
3.After that fibres are treated with an oil agent. At this stage, the strength of glass fibre is enhanced and hydrophobization and lowering of static characteristics are performed.
4.After treating with oil agent spun glass filament or unidirectional filament yarns are produced.
5.At the last stage fabrics, tapes and meshes are made on weaving machines.

Basic products made at our facility:

structural glass fabric Т-10-14, Т-11, TG-430; glass fabric Termit S/P and silica fabrics Termit Hight S/P with polyurethane and silicone coating, silica fabrics Т-К11-300(88), Т-К11-300 ТО(82), Т-К11-300 ТОА (82), Т-К11-8/3-600 (130), Т-К11-8/3-600-ТО (120), foil laminated glass fabrics Termit L and silica fabrics Termit Hight L, needled stitched glass mats and silica mats Termit SilicaEcoTech L/P/S.

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