Fiberglass fabric with PTFE coating

Thermal insulating heat-resistant glass fabric with Teflon coating, TU 22.19.50-008-18208497-2021 is a fiberglass fabric coated with a specially developed composition based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which increases the thermal insulation properties, strength of the fabric and provides increased chemical resistance of the fabric to acids, alkalis, petroleum products. It is used for the manufacture of removable insulating coatings, for sewing thermal covers for chemical protection and other fire protection systems.


Ткань основы Плетение Кол-во сторон покрытия  Общий вес, г/м Толщина ткани с покрытием, мм Цвет Антиста-тичность
ТЕРМИТ PTFE-1-430[150] TG-430 4H сатин 1 580 0,43 серый -
ТЕРМИТ PTFE-1-430AS[110]black TG-430 4H сатин 1 540 0,42 черный +
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