Silica fabric

Thermal insulation and thermal-resistant silica fabrics are manufactured at the plant of the Manufacturing and Engineering Complex NT-Velikiy Novgorod that is a part of New Technologies LLC group.

The following grades of fabric are produced: Т-К11-300(88), Т-К11-300-ТО(82), Т-К11-8/3-600(130) и Т-К11-8/3-600-ТО(120). These products are used for high-temperature insulation, in manufacturing of fire-protection items, upon gas cutting and electrical welding works and in replacement for asbestos materials and mullite-silica fibre materials.

According the state standard GOST R 56212-2014  letters and figures in a fabric grade have the following meaning:

• T - fabric;

• K-11 - silica fabric made from glass No.11;

• 300, 600 - nominal weight per unit area, g/m2;

• TO - heat-treated fabric;

• (88), (82), (130), (120) - nominal width of fabric, cm.

Silica fabrics are made of glass twisted threads with nominal density of 200 tex, satin 8/3 weave or plain weave with subsequent acid and heat treatment.

We produce fabrics of different thickness, width and with various surface finishing; with high content of SiO2 and temperature resistance of up to 1000°C.

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