Until 1996, fire proximity suits TOK200 and TK800 were made of a glass fabric or silica fabric with 15–20 µm thick polyamide adhesive film with a sprayed-on aluminium layer. A significant disadvantage of this material was swelling of a reflecting layer during firefighter's operation. Following the analysis of heat reflecting materials Research and Production Company New Technologies Limited Liability Company decided to design a completely new structure of heat reflecting fabric.


In 1998, RPC New Technologies LLC developed Termit fabric, which was approved by the Main Department of the State Fire-Fighting Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection of Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters and recommended for manufacturing of suits TOK200 and TK800.


The patent application for Termit fabric was submitted to the Russian Agency for Patents and Trade Marks (Rospatent), and a patent was granted that same year.


The company entered into agreement of distribution in the territory of Russia with AS Valmieras stikla skiedra that is one of the largest enterprises in the Baltic Region with 50-year experience in chemical industry and glass-fibre textiles production.


Innovative materials were developed on the basis of the Research Institute of Synthetic Fibre and later included in the List of Innovative High-Tech Products and Technologies of Moscow Agency of Innovations State Budgetary Institution of Moscow.


Production premises in Velikiy Novgorod were purchased for allocation of facility producing glass fabric, silica fabric, multi-axial fabric.


Premises were repaired, the plant was complete with advanced equipment, and the compliance of products with all international quality standards was confirmed according to GOST R ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015).


Decision on purchasing of equipment for multi-axial fabric production from the European leading manufacturer was taken. The production lot is expected to be released in 2018.

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