Multi-fabric silica fabric webs

Silica, heat-insulating heat-resistant fabrics are produced in accordance with TU 13.20.46-004-18208497-2018 at the PTK NT-Veliky Novgorod plant, which is part of the New Technologies limited liability company.

The products are manufactured under the TERMITE trademark with various designs X2, X3, X4. These products are intended for high-temperature thermal insulation, the manufacture of fire-fighting products, use in gas-cutting and electric welding, instead of asbestos materials and products from mullite-silica fibers.

The TERMITE High X2, TERMITE High X3 and TERMITE High X4 multilayer fabrics made of silica fabric are superior to asbestos fabrics in terms of technical and operational characteristics and are their environmentally friendly substitute. The scope of this type of product: fire blankets and curtains, gaskets to protect against splashes of molten metal, from flames and excess heat, electrical insulation at high temperatures and high humidity, as a filler for radio engineering and radio transparent materials. The materials are chemically resistant to water, high pressure steam, weak alkaline solutions, organic and mineral acids. These products have successfully passed the tests and are recommended for use at the enterprises included in the USC structure as materials with fire-retardant properties for covering equipment.

Vendor code

Thickness, mm Breaking load N (kgs),
at least
by length in width
ТЕРМИТ High Х2 1,6+/-0,2 1960(200) 882(90)
ТЕРМИТ High Х3 2,4+/-0,3 2352(240) 980(100)
ТЕРМИТ High Х4 3,2+/-0,3 2744(280) 1176(120)

We produce silica products of various thicknesses, widths - with a high content of SiO2 with heat resistance up to 1000°C

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