Year by year using of structural glass fabrics and silica fabrics increases due to growing demand of various industries such as oil, chemical, mining, and nuclear industries
Main kinds of items made on the basis of our products:
- coverings used for insulation of equipment, pipelines, fittings, flange joints, shut-off valves, control valves, filters, high operating temperature instrumentation, steam pipes, air ducts, heat exchangers.
- silica fabric is used as a high-temperature thermal insulation (1100с) in repair works and in production of fire-proof items, gas cutting and electric welding, and as replacement for asbestos materials and mullite-silica fibres.
Application of thermal insulation products in the industry allows:
• to ensure personnel safety operation of equipment;
• to reduce power consumption of process equipment significantly;
• to reduce material, financial, labour and time costs in production.
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